The Blockster Product Roadmap
Stage 1
The Blockster testnet was launched in July 2021 and onboarding of over 300,000 users from our waitlist continues daily. The testnet platform will be fully open to the public in August 2021.
  • Website
  • News Feed
  • Profile
  • Following
  • Messenger
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Blockdesk
  • Blockademy
  • Friend refferal system
  • Top 800 token pages
  • Group messaging
  • Advanced Search
  • Stage 2
    Q2 2022
    Sees more cryptocurrency focused features, such as the Blockster Wallet and Blockster Trade, allowing users to deposit, withdraw, buy, sell and send selected cryptocurrency tokens. The Blockster mobile app and Blockster Ads, our self-serve advertising system, will also be released in this second stage.
  • Blockster Ads
  • Blockster Wallet
  • Blockster Trade
  • Blockster App (iOS & Android)
  • P2P transactions
  • Portfolio tracking
  • BXR tipping
  • Stage 3
    TBA 2022
    Stage 3 focuses on the development of marketplaces that will allow users, businesses, game developers and crypto projects to monetize Blockster and accept crypto payments.
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Business Marketplace
  • Games Marketplace
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Token launch platform
  • Software & apps marketplace