Meet the Blockster Team
Meet the creative team behind Blockster bringing you crypto’s go-to platform to connect, earn, and learn about all things blockchain.
Based in Kiev, Ukraine, our talented team is reflective of this, united by a passion for blockchain and crypto, and delivering a superlative customer experience to every single user.
Adam is the CEO and founder of Blockster, as well as the CEO of zero-fee crypto spot and futures exchange Digitex.
Having begun his foray into cryptocurrencies in 2017 after years of experience as a futures trader, Adam had a steep learning curve. Seeing a successful project through from inception to completion taught Adam many lessons in perseverance and he had his fair share of obstacles along the way, gaining a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry and what it’s still missing as it grows.
From the hardships of trying to advertise Digitex to legitimate users, Adam set about developing Blockster, a place where all crypto enthusiasts can connect freely and promote their crypto projects without restrictions. Blockster, then, is the natural evolution of Digitex and one of the many products which will expand its ecosystem under the Blockster Holdings conglomerate. Adam, with his steely determination and hard-won experience makes the perfect leader to have at its helm.
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