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Blockster connects everyone within the blockchain industry into one place—all the cryptocurrencies, the teams behind the projects, as well as, the traders and investors. Communicate and network with the very core of the blockchain industry, and stay ahead of the market trends via Blockster.
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BXR The Advertising Token Powering Blockster

As the advertising token of a high-traffic platform, the Blockster (BXR) token's value will directly correlate with Blockster's growing advertiser and user base.
For more information about investing in Blockster, please visit our parent company Blockster Holdings


Connect with authors, experts and team members of top blockchain projects directly within the platform.

All your latest industry news, market trends, interviews with executives, event coverage and expert insight — Blockster is not only your source for on-trend information, but also the platform where you can connect with the people on the inside.

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Business Pages

Blockster is a network of the top thousand cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses. Follow their news and announcements, get in-depth information about their companies, and connect with their teams.

Blockster TV

Blockster TV allows you to discover and learn more about crypto. Watch tutorials, coin reviews, and find the latest money-making opportunities with our network of influencers.


Blockchat is a Telegram-style messaging system. Connect and communicate with groups from within our network.


Blockwatch provides decentralized and trusted realtime data for the cryptocurrency market. Access the top thousand cryptocurrency projects, and get in-depth information about each of their projects.

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Blockster Ads, coming soon...

Blockster Ads is a self-serve advertising platform launching in 2022.

Major platforms like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn have put a block on crypto advertising, making it extremely difficult to promote and build crypto businesses. Blockster is bringing something to the industry which is desperately needed, Blockster Ads.

Our mission is to empower blockchain businesses by providing them with an advertising platform on which they can freely market themselves. By doing so, we are helping the blockchain industry grow. Blockster is all for bringing crypto adoption to the masses.

Start Growing Your

Blockster Ads is a must-have advertising platform for your business if you're in the crypto and blockchain space.


Choose Goal

Drive online sales, increase app installs, raise brand awareness or build a community. Whatever your objective, Blockster Ads has you covered.


Target and Budget

Customize your ad campaign as needed. Blockster Ads offers flexible spending, easy setup, and efficient ad delivery.


Select Ad Format

Blockster Ads offers you a variety of options to advertise your product or service via image options or video.



The Blockster advertising platform will provide you highly detailed data about your ad campaigns. Track each ad campaign's performance, and easily adjust your targeting or budget as needed.

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Blockster's testnet was launched in July. The product will be released in three stages according to the roadmap below.

  • Website
  • New Feed
  • Profile
  • Following
  • Blockdesk
  • Blockacademy
  • Messenger
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Group messaging
  • Top 800 token pages
  • Friend refferal system
  • Advanced Search
Q2 2022
  • Blockster Ads
  • Blockster Wallet
  • Blockster Trade
  • P2P transactions
  • Portfolio tracking
  • BXR tipping
TBA 2022
  • Blockster App (iOS & Android)
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Business Marketplace
  • Games Marketplace
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Token launch platform
  • Software & apps marketplace
Stage 01 Completed
Stage 02 Soon
Stage 03 Soon

Meet our team

Blockster has a full time, fast-growing team of over 60 people working out of our Kyiv office.


person team

Adam Todd
Adam Todd
Founder & CEO
Adam Todd
Lidia Yadlos
Co-Founder & CMO

Are you a Blockster?

Blockster is a fast growing network of cryptocurrency professionals and investors.

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